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About Us
Cellolite (clc) Blocks are cellular lightweight concrete blocks. Cellolite (clc) Blocks are for green buildings and are excellent alternate for concrete blocks or clay bricks. Cellolite (clc) Blocks have an important place in modern industry.

Cellolite (clc) Blocks are made of flyash, cement and foaming agent by latest proven technology. Cellolite (clc) Blocks are cost effective and a better alternative to burnt clay bricks by virtue of their good durability, fire resistance, good thermal insulation, small dead load and high speed of construction.

The Cellolite (clc) Blocks are being usually large in size than normal clay bricks and less mortar required, faster construction is achieved.

The Excellent Engineering property and durability of Cellolite (clc) Blocks exhibits more scope for applications in building construction, development of infrastructure, construction of green buildings and low cost houses.

The Cellolite (clc) Blocks major constituents are more environment friendly by releasing less co2 and heat than clay bricks and concrete blocks. Saves cost in energy and construction.

Why CLC ?

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